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Professional 360° VR Guided Tours

We make lifelike 360° VR Guided Tours of your projects which show  colleagues, customers and prospects a 360° vision of their projects. This is just not about looking around, but showing a full interactive 360° virtual guided tour, guided by your own staff. People who know the project, and people who understand the requirements of your customers. See before and after scenarios of the project, or discuss together how to move forward.

“360° VR production at its best”

We are way ahead of the pack with our 8K resolution in our interactive 360° virtual reality guided tours, both in visuals as in 360° sound

Keep visuals of your projects in a more efficient way

Connect faster and more frequent with your project site?

Save on travel costs, get your team all together, see the wow-effect in the eyes of your clients, impress prospects with your communication strategy, and convince your management of the hard work your team is doing.

Schatten unter Fotoreihe.

Spend less time traveling and save valuable time

Show any project, small or large, i.e. a single house or a new residential area.

Save on travel costs by having a virtual presence

Share your views with colleagues

Video & Audio

Join using a browser on a device equipped with a camera and microphone, to let everyone see and hear you. Don’t worry, we include buttons to allow you to stop your video and/or audio at any time.


Don’t have a camera, or are you having a bad hair day? No problem, easily join with just audio… like the good ‘ol days, but of course you do get to see the vr tour.


Just here to observe, found yourself in an area with poor signal strength, or inside a location with an overzealous network firewall? You’re covered too with the Chat Only option. You can still host and view, even without the audio/video components.

Showcase to your customers and prospects

There is no traffic jam in the extra mile. 

Leap ahead of your competition by embracing this new technology. It’s here to stay, it’s here for you.

Impress your clients and prospects with a unique experience for a price that won’t break the bank.

Interactive 360° VR Tours are given by your own professionals

Interactive 360° VR Tours can be given on any device, desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet.

We offer:

  • Voice
  • Video
  • Chat
  • Switch Tour Guides
  • Web based (any device)
  • Low cost, high value

Heel Veel Kado Ideeën

  • 360° content creation
  • We make the tour interactive
  • We host the result
  • Additional services i.e. video, sound, images, etc
  • enable easy distribution of content to your contacts

When we first saw the 360° content online, we were convinced it would bring a wow-effect to all our viewers.

Need more?


“Traditionele” beauty shots that you can include in the 360° vr tours. You can, of course, submit your own images.

Drone footage

We have access to the best, certified drone pilots.

Video  footage

We work with very experienced and top of the line camera people (with experience in creating national tv programs)

Our voice overs are recorded by industry professionals.

Voice over

Your own hosting

You may host hosten the content with your own account, but of course, we can arrange everything for you.

Buy your own camera, make your own 360° panorama’s, edit the content, host it yourself, and make it your own show. We can teach you our trade.

Purchase your own 360° camera


We’re looking forward to getting into touch with you to discuss how we can help you visualize your projects

Call us:

+31 634 755566

Burg. Van Baaklaan 24

3648 XT Wilnis

The Netherlands

Contact us for a demo

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